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            Endoscope cleaning center

            The endoscope cleaning center is carefully designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation specification for endoscope cleaning and disinfection technology (2004 Edition) issued by the Ministry of health. The products are introduced with foreign advanced equipment and design concepts, centralized control, multi tank classification, microcomputer control system, equipped with five tank cleaning square tank, high-pressure water gun control system, high-pressure air gun control system, enzyme saving control system, automatic perfusion and Disinfectant injection system, drying system, this product is mainly for cleaning and disinfection of soft endoscopes and hard endoscopes in the endoscopy center or each department of the hospital. Common endoscopes include: cleaning and detoxification of endoscopes such as gastroscope, enteroscope, bronchoscope, hysteroscope, choledochoscope, laparoscope, etc.

            product mix

            Soft endoscope: five square tank cleaning tank combination primary cleaning → enzyme soaking → secondary cleaning → glutaraldehyde disinfection → end of water cleaning tank.

            Highlights of endoscopic cleaning center

            ● complete groove varieties

            We have all kinds of products with different sizes and specifications, and each type of cleaning tank can be combined at will. According to the specific size of the hospital room, we design different schemes to meet the requirements of the cleaning rooms of different departments in each hospital.

            ● material of cleaning tank, multi-functional back plate and drying table

            The cleaning tank, multi-functional back plate and drying table are all made of imported carbon fiber polymer composite materials, which are made by one-time stamping at high temperature. High grade luxury, flat and smooth surface, long-term use of joints, the surface is not easy to attach bacteria, acid and alkali resistance, color fastness, deformation, cleaning easy. Compared with the original stainless steel material, it is soft and has a protective effect on the endoscope. The concave convex design of the drying table can fully dry the cleaned endoscope and prevent the endoscope from slipping.

            ● cabinet design

            Moderate height, light and delicate cabinet door, sectional inclined cabinet door design, more humanized, effectively eliminate the fatigue of medical staff and reduce the load of cabinet door self weight on hinge, fundamentally solve the quality hidden danger of cabinet door hinge easy to break caused by too heavy cabinet door.

            ● beautiful appearance, elegance, luxury, complete configuration, powerful function, integrating technology and human nature.

            Functional features

            1. The five square groove is cleaned in sections to effectively prevent cross infection.

            2. The appearance is simple and generous, the structure is compact, the outline is clear and smooth, and conforms to the ergonomic concept.

            3. Mute air compressor, large gas storage capacity, stable performance.

            4. The cleaning tank and operation table are made of sub afterburner material by vacuum suction, which is clean and easy to clean.

            5. Adopt the microcomputer electronic timer, high precision, simple and convenient operation.

            6. The automatic filling system completely replaces the manual operation of syringes, greatly reducing the number of manual operations and labor intensity.

            7. Equipped with high-performance hot air dryer, it is faster and more convenient to dry the surface of endoscope.

            8. Equipped with LD color light to enhance lighting brightness.

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