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            Medical multi enzyme Lotion

            Multi enzyme complex cleaning fluid is the latest scientific and technological achievement. According to the new edition of "technical operation specification for cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes", it is a multi enzyme complex cleaning agent specially designed for cleaning medical equipment dirt. It is used for cleaning medical equipment and articles, including endoscope, probe, catheter, medical plastic and medical tablecloth, etc.

            Main components

            Protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, stabilizer, non-ionic surfactant, etc.

            Product specifications

            1L / bottle, 2L / bottle, 2.5l/bottle; 6 bottles / box, 10 bottles / box.

            Characteristics of medical device pollution

            1. Protein, mucopolysaccharide, fat, carbohydrate and other pollutants

            2. It is difficult to wash thoroughly with water, thus breeding a large number of microorganisms

            3. The existence of organic pollutants will affect the disinfection and sterilization effect

            4. Multi enzyme complex detergent can decompose all kinds of organic pollutants quickly and efficiently to ensure ideal cleaning and cleaning effect

            5. Various dosage forms, easy to use

            Characteristics of multi enzyme compound detergent

            1. Compound formula of enzyme fast penetrant containing protease, amylase, cellulase and other biological enzymes

            2. Quickly decompose various human secretions, dirt and mucus

            3. High efficiency, quick effect, thorough cleaning, not affected by water quality

            4. Safe and convenient, no corrosion to equipment and medical devices

            5. Environmental protection, in line with the international green washing trend

            usage method

            1. Automatic filling of washer: reference dilution ratio 1:400

            2. Ultrasonic cleaning: the reference dilution ratio is 1:200-400 (add water before ultrasonic, and then add cleaning agent)

            3. Manual cleaning: reference dilution ratio 1:200-400

            Note: it is recommended to change the cleaning fluid for each surgical instrument.

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