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            Disposable biopsy forceps for endoscopy

            Disposable biopsy forceps: it is mainly used for the sampling of living tissues such as stomach, intestine, bladder and bronchus under the clinical endoscope. After pathological examination, it provides scientific basis for disease diagnosis. The biopsy forceps enter the human organ to clamp the tissue and directly contact the blood. According to the regulations of the Ministry of health, the biopsy forceps must be sterile. Due to the limitation of cleaning and sterilization technology, the repeated use of the biopsy forceps can not guarantee 100% complete sterilization, which is easy to cause cross infection of diseases.

            Product advantages

            1. The biopsy forceps are made of medical stainless steel, the head is carefully polished without any obtuse angle, and can pass through any curved forceps.

            2. The tong head is flexible in operation, sharp in incision, moderate in sampling size and high in positive detection.

            3. The cutting edge of alligator head is designed to be fine, which can cut and absorb tissue, make sampling easier and avoid tissue tearing.

            4. The top and bottom dead center of the patented anti loosing handle is clear and comfortable.

            5. Adopt steel four-bar structure, strong bite force, good coincidence, excellent mechanical function, make sampling easier.

            6. The external spring tube is covered with super smooth plastic coating, which can effectively reduce the wear of Tong channel hole.

            The production and assembly of 71000 level purification workshop, after sampling and testing, leaves the factory, and the product quality is guaranteed.

            8. Aseptic packaging, ready for use without sterilization.

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