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            Development history of ultrasonic cleaning
            Ruiyang medical2020-03-25179

            Ultrasonic cleaner technology has a history of more than 30 years. It was used in Japan 25 years ago, but a misunderstanding has been bothering this technology, which makes people doubt the effect of ultrasonic cleaner. According to the traditional theory of ultrasonic cleaner, bubbles play the role of cleaning. After repeated experiments, chaiye Jiaying found that, in fact, the bubble is only a simple gas explosion caused by the strong thick and dense wave of ultrasonic, it will inhibit or even eliminate the cleaning power of ultrasonic cleaner, and the vacuum cavitation really plays a role in cleaning. This discovery has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of ultrasonic cleaners. In 1987, chaiye Jiaying published the basic theory of ultrasonic cleaner. In order to be different from the traditional theory, he called his research results "chaiye theory", and the ultrasonic cleaner technology based on it was defined as the new ultrasonic cleaner technology. According to this theory, the ultrasonic cleaner developed by him has a better cleaning effect than the similar products, and can successfully control the location, density, efficiency and impact force of cavitation. Other manufacturers of the same industry can't clean and remove the welding burr well after 25 minutes, and can remove it within 6 seconds with the cleaning equipment of Pleiades cluster; for the dense part of the flux that can't be removed after 2 hours, Pleiades cluster can be removed within 2 minutes, and ensure that the processed products are not damaged.

            "The birth of the Pleiades star cluster" talked about the course of the research on ultrasonic cleaning machine. Chaiye Jiaying was particularly excited. In 1970, after graduating from the electrical engineering major of the national Fukushima Industrial College, saino Jiaying worked in the snakehead sewing machine Industrial Technology Research Institute. In 1975, he entered an industrial cleaning company. At that time, he just started to have ultrasonic cleaners. However, a large number of toxic and harmful chemical solvents such as trichloroethylene and Freon were used as cleaning media, which caused serious environmental pollution. At that time, Japanese industry was in a period of rapid development. A large number of industrial waste water was discharged into rivers. Many people got sick because of drinking polluted water, especially some disabled people died prematurely because they were forced to live and engage in toxic and harmful work. Seeing all this, chaiye Jiaying has a strong sense of social responsibility, which makes him determined to use environmental protection technology to benefit mankind. He said: "the world has raised me, and I have the obligation to contribute to the world!" Since then, he has embarked on the road of researching environmental protection ultrasonic cleaner.

            An accidental factor led him to discover the secret of ultrasonic cleaning machine. At that time, due to the lack of funds, everything could only be simplified, and the test equipment was impossible to talk about. Because most of the grooves of ultrasonic cleaning machine are made of stainless steel, it is impossible to observe the ultrasonic wave generated in the medium from the side. Because of lack of money, chaiye Jiaying bought a transparent plastic fish tank instead, so it is easy to observe the changes in the cleaning groove. He found that many bubbles produced by the ultrasonic generator placed at the bottom of the fish tank kept rising. One big bubble turned into two small bubbles, which exploded at last. The traditional principle of ultrasonic cleaner is to produce bubbles through the propagation of ultrasonic wave in the liquid medium, and then to clean the surface of objects by the force of bubble explosion. However, because there is air in the bubble and the explosion force is limited, the cleaning effect is not ideal. Through repeated experiments and continuous improvement, chaiye Jiaying has finally developed a new type of ultrasonic cleaner device, which makes bubbles become vacuum cavitation, thus correcting the misunderstanding of ultrasonic cleaner technology for a long time. He also tried to use water to replace the toxic and harmful media such as Freon, which used to be used in ultrasonic cleaners, and made a further step towards the goal of environmental protection. In 1993, the invention won the "Environmental Protection Award of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for protecting the ozone layer". The cleaning force digital tester invented by him can measure the ultrasonic sound pressure and cavitation impact force at any time, so as to adjust the cleaning device to the best state.

            The technology of ultrasonic cleaner has such a long history, which proves that it is reliable, and the technology of ultrasonic cleaner will have a good development.

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